About us

Hello! We are Maica and Vicky and we want to thank you for reading this little window right now. We would like to share with you how this school project has been developing in our families in parallel, while we walked through different places on the planet throughout the years of raising our children, and what this experience has motivated in us.

Motherhood, from its beginning, provoked in us a clash between the needs that we perceived in our creatures and the response that we were born to give to those needs (by instinct and ethical principles) in the face of what our family environment, friends, professionals healthcare, culture and society proposed.

Faced with this abyss, we became aware of what it was to raise, mother, what were the needs of the creatures and the interpretation of their behavior: how to respond to their needs in an optimal way and our experience in their accompaniment in the most joyful way. We resort to scientific knowledge, training and groups oriented to the needs of a human baby for healthy development. We consulted child psychologists, educational psychologists, we found attachment theories, the importance and how the bond is built from such an early age and also the emptiness that there is from the age of 3 onwards regarding this view. Each of us decided to form a parenting group that, over time, became a playgroup in nature between families in Madrid and a regular group of families that educate without school in Dubai and is still active.

As our children grew, and with them our knowledge of their needs, we also explored the spaces proposed and reserved for children, as well as the treatment of children in general, and we understood these spaces to be lacking in some aspects: lack of respect raised to a generalized and normalized child abuse, lack of freedom and trust in the knowledge that creatures have to seek and respond to their needs and choices, and the lack of trust in families depriving us of our free choice of entry to space and closer collaboration.

Another great lack that we observe in society and in our culture, is the lack of community that authentically sustains and in terms of healthy growth, both individually and as a group.

So our main objective is to create and share a healthy space where each creature can feel free, respected, supported unconditionally, with autonomy and where they can bond in a rich and safe environment on a physical and emotional level. And adults, too.

And we are in it, here and now, walking in the same direction and with proposals to make it possible for this project to be sustainable and effective, supporting families with socio-labour initiatives and emotional support, among others.

Families, do we walk together?