Self Directed Learning Space

We are an educational space where families, companions and more professionals grow, educate and enjoy in an environment that is as healthy as possible and within a view of respectful parenting, active education and permaculture.

In approval procedures by NEASC for Primary Start September 2022

We open on 7th September 2022!

Our space

We are in Alpedrete, about 35 minutes from Madrid. The space is a typical house in the Sierra de Guadarrama area with a large garden, all for playing, learning and enjoying. In addition, our space is open to families, that is, we are always welcome. It is not necessary to notify or choose a specific day. We have nothing to hide and we want this space to be a place of learning for children, mothers, fathers and companions. All parties working in unison, each at our own pace within well-defined limits and agreements.


We believe Permaculture is a system that helps us make the school function as a responsive community just like the soil we fertilize to sow the seeds of ethical, free and organic learning.

Our basis is the care of each person and space that make up the project and a non-profit exercise of it.

If you want more detailed information, come to our next open meetings to meet us:

Abril: domingo 3 y sábados 23 y 30

From 11 in the morning

Huerto y Circo

10, 11, 12 y 13 Abril 2022

Introducción a la Permacultura

Encuentros Informativos

Domingo 3 y sábados 23 y 30 de Abril 2022, 11 horas

Organic Learning Community

Growing Together

Do you have any questions about our project and want us to talk?

+34 636652010

Calle Santa Emilia, 11. Alpedrete (Madrid)